3 drug personalities shot dead, another wounded in Pangasinan

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan – – Three drug personalities were killed and another wounded in three separate gun attacks by unidentified suspects in different towns of Pangasinan on Oct. 24, the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office (PPPO) reported Tuesday.

Shot dead at about 10:10 a.m. Monday while on board a Yamaha Mio motorcycle cruising along the municipal road of Brgy, Poblacion East in Santa Maria were Felizardo Claridad Jr., alias “Burnok”, 40, and Rudy Padilla, 23, both resident of Poblacion East, Santa Maria .

Unidentified suspects, who were on board a white van with no plate number, .shot them several times by using hand guns of unknown caliber

Immediately, the suspects fled to an unknown direction bringing along their weapons.

The victims died while on the way to the Eastern Pangasinan District Hospital and Family Hospital in Tayug, Pangasinan.

The two were identified as both drug personalities per records of the Santa Maria police.

Meanwhile, a tricycle driver who was identified as another drug watch list personality of Zone 2 in Barangay Nancamaliran East in Urdaneta, was shot dead at 1:20 p.m. of Oct. 24 while he was cleaning the tomb of his relative inside the Urdaneta Roman Catholic Cemetery in Poblacion, Urdaneta.

The fatality was identified as Romeo Belbis, alias Romy, 50, who was shot by one of four persons riding in tandem on a motorcycle, one of whom alighted and asked Belvis if he wanted to clean other tombs.

Before the victim could answer, the man who asked the question drew his hand gun from his waist and opened fire on Belbis several times.

The victim was rushed to the Divine Mercy Hospital in Urdaneta but was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.

The other victim of the shooting incident was Charlie Pangangaan, 46, a newly identified illegal drug pusher and a resident of Barangay Cabalaoangan Sur.

He was shot several times by still unidentified suspect at around 3:07 p.m. of Oct. 23 in Barangay Cabalaongan, Rosales.

He is now in serious condition at the Dr. Chan Hospital in Barangay Carmen West after being rushed by bystanders.

Initial investigation showed that the victim was driving his Yamaha Mio motorcycle with Plate No. 4909 and heading to the south direction along a Barangay Road when tailed and shot by the suspects riding in tandem on another motorcycle.

One Alma Jeminaque, 40, a public school teacher, said she heard successive gun shots while she was taking her snacks and when she verified where the explosion emanated, she already saw the body of the victim down on the ground with gunshot wounds in his body.

She said the suspects were men riding in tandem on a black motorcycle, one of whom was wearing a skull crash helmet, who were already fleeing from the scene.

The victim sustained gunshot wounds in his body and head, and was rushed by a concerned citizen to Dr. Chan Hospital in Barangay Carmen West for treatment.

Four fired cartridges and one deformed slug of caliber .45 pistol were recovered from the crime scene.

The police said one of the possible motives of the shooting could be the involvement of the victim to illegal drug activities. PNA-northboundasia.com