2017 Dagupan Bangus Festival promises to be a big crowd drawer

DAGUPAN CITY — The upcoming Bangus Festival this year is expected to be much bigger, more exciting and really a certified crowd drawer than the previous ones held in Dagupan City yearly since 2002.

This was disclosed by Bangus Festival 2017 Executive Committee Chairman Epee R. Rafanan, as he revealed the inclusion of such events as “Galaw na Ogogaw” (Children’s Games), Zumbangus, Search for “Mistisang Bangus” Gay Beauty Pageant, sand sculpture, amateur boxing, skim boarding, “Sayawan ed Tondaligan”, fund run and a carnival at the Bangusan Village.

The Bangusan Village, to be located at the New De Venecia Extension, will also host a flea market called “baratillo” and a food court, set to open on March 31.

“We are hoping that we can bring in some food concessionaires, which will offer some food recipes that are not in our usual menu in the city,” said Rafanan.

The 2017 Bangus Festival will have its grand opening on April 16, but its soft opening will be on April 7 with the exhibition games and clinic by members of the Beach Volleyball Republic.

Meanwhile, the Bangusan Village will run until June 30 this year, in time for the celebration of Dagupan City’s Platinum Year on June 20 commemorating Dagupan’s 75th year as an independent component city.

Rafanan further disclosed that the big events like the beach volleyball, “Galaw na Ogogaw”, among others, will be held at the Tondaligan Blue Beach to showcase the recent development in the area as part of the city’s tourism promotion program.

“While everyone is happy with the new look of the Tondaligan Blue Beach, we find it appropriate to utilize it and hold some events in the area like the ‘Galaw na Ogogaw’ where people will enjoy watching the children play the old traditional Filipino games, beach volleyball, Zumbangus, sand sculpture, amateur boxing, skim boarding and ‘Sayawan ed Tondaligan’,” said Rafanan.

The major events, that are integral parts of the Bangus Festival and still the festival’s biggest attractions are the “Gilon-Gilon ed Dalan”, Festivals of the North, “Bangusine”, Bangus Rodeo and “Kalutan” (grilliung fish).

“Gilon-Gilon” are choreographed unique dance steps that depict the movements of fishermen while harvesting milkfish (bangus) from their fishponds to the tune of drums.

“Bangus is Dagupan’s top agricultural product known worldwide for its excellent taste and quality. Dagupan today is acknowledged the bangus capital of the world.

In the “Gilon-Gilon ed Dalan”, barangays will be clustered together in street dance competitions, the winner of which will earn the right to represent the city in the bigger “Festivals of the North” to be participated by other dancing champions in various parts of Luzon.

This year’s Bangusine, however, will feature the old traditional recipes of cooking bangus in different regions of the country, said Rafanan.

The Search for “Mistisang Bangus” Gay Beauty Pageant “will not just be about holding a pageant but will honor and give due respect to the members of the LGBT community in the city, Rafanan added.

Rafanan expressed confidence that the million of people that packed the Bangusan Street Party at the New De Venecia Expressway will be eclipsed.

The Bangusan Street party of Dagupan was acknowledged by the Department of Tourism some seven years ago as the country’s biggest street party. PNA-northboundasia.com