200 surrendered drug users undergo surprise drug test after a month

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union — More than 200 drug users from Bangar, La Union who surrendered themselves to authorities last month underwent a surprise drug test here Monday to prove that they have reformed their lives.

Bangar Mayor George Pinzon said he gave the drug users one month since their surrender on July 1 to prove they have abandoned the use of illegal drugs.

“I want them to be sincere in the rehabilitation because I want to help them live a normal life. We will continue monitoring their condition. That is why I recommend this random drug test to see if they really want to change,” Pizon said.

He said the drug test was a joint effort of the local government of Bangar, Governor Pacoy Ortega, and the administration of the Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center, where the test was held. Jun Elias and Vic Alhambra, Jr/ northboundasia.com