Solsona, Ilocos Norte —The municipal government of Solsona shelled out a total of Php 300,000 from its development fund to benefit at least 20 farmers’ organizations here in need of start up capital this planting season.

Each of the beneficiaries received Php 15,000 on Wednesday as Solsona town mayor Jonathan De Lara personally handed the amount during his regular Barangay visit in Nagpatpatan village here.

According to De Lara, the soft loan assistance program with zero interest rate to farmers is one of his administration’s priority agenda to help farmers recover from previous typhoons that hit hard this municipality.

As part of the agreement, farmer-beneficiaries shall return back the same amount to the municipal government after the harvest season and pass on to next beneficiaries.

Apart from the distribution to financial assistance, the local government unit here also continue to distribute weather-resistant hybrid rice varieties to farmers.

Of the 73 classified high-risk barangays in the entire province of Ilocos Norte that are prone to flash floods and land slides, Solsona farmers are among those who are greatly affected during typhoon due to the swelling of the Madonna river, isolating low lying villages here such as in Sta. Ana, Puttao, Nagpatpatan including its nearby villages of Barong, Bagut, Francisco, Baresbes, Lanas and Ver in Dingras, Ilocos Norte. PNA