MANGALDAN, Pangasinan -— Two farmers here successfully combined two varieties of rice to form new crossbred varieties which they named Bona 1 and Bona 2.

Dionisio Frianeza and Samuel Gorospe, farmer breeders, named their newly developed crossbred varieties of rice after the incumbent mayor of the town, Bonafe Parayno, nicknamed Bona.

Frianeza successfully combined Jasmin and National Seed Industry Council (NSIC) varieties and produced Bona 1 while Gorospe called the combined NSIC with G11 as Bona 2.

Parayno said the farmers in the town were educated on crossbreeding by the Department of Agriculture (DA) through the technical schools in their respective barangays.

“We have been supporting our farmers and even fisher folks in our town in the best way we can for them to improve their skills and knowledge on agriculture”, said Parayno.

Meanwhile, the new varieties of crossbred rice will be submitted to DA for proper certification.

Parayno said the executive will seek for a resolution from the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) which will protect the seeds of the new varieties under the Farmer’s Seed Registry.

Furthermore, Parayno attested to the delicious and excellent quality of Bona 1 and Bona 2 rice.

“They made rice cakes from Bona 1 and Bona 2 and they were delicious”, said Parayno.

She added the continuous support of the town to the farmers especially with the innovations they made.

“We are truly proud of them,” said Parayno. PNA/northboundasia.com