1,014 inmates in Pangasinan to vote on May 9

1,014 inmates in Pangasinan to vote on May 9

DAGUPAN CITY -— A total of 1,014 inmates detained in the five bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in Pangasinan will be allowed to cast their votes during the May 9 elections.

The province has five BJMP facilities located in Burgos, Balungao, Dagupan City, San Carlos City and Urdaneta City.

Atty. Kenneth Bid-ing, BJMP Dagupan jail warden, said they are now preparing for the security of the inmates who will be transported to vote in their respective precincts and back to the BJMP facility.

BJMP Dagupan houses about 1,000 inmates but only 201 were registered to vote inside the facility and some will be transported to their respective precincts.

“Those who were registered inside the facility on or before October 31 last year are the ones who are going to vote here but the rest will vote outside the facility,” said Bid-ing.

However, he clarified it will still be determined who among the inmates will be transported to vote.

“They should be registered voters and if there is no big threat against their lives,” said Bid- ing.

He said augmentation forces are part of their contingency plan for the election day.

“We have not encountered any problem with the election day in the past and we hope it will be the same again for this election”, said Bid-ing.

BJMP Burgos has 123 voter inmates, Balungao has 197, San Carlos City has 119 and Urdaneta City has the biggest number at 274 registered inmates, to vote in their facilities on election day. PNA/northboundasia.com