1.9M People flock cemeteries in Metro Manila

1.9M People flock cemeteries in Metro Manila

MANILA, Nov. 1 (PNA) – Almost two million people flock to different cemeteries in Metro Manila on Sunday as the country observes the All Saints’ Day, the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) said.

In a text message to Philippine News Agency (PNA), Police Inspector Kimberly Molitas, chief of Public Information Office of NCRPO, said that as of 3 p.m. the estimated crowd was at 1,900,541 people in cemeteries in the metropolis.

The breakdown of people in cemeteries figures provided by five police district are as follows:

Manila Police District (MPD) has 1,550,000

Northern Police District (NPD) has 164,287

Eastern Police District (EPD) has 33,647

Southern Police District (SPD) has 111,085

Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has 41,522

Molitas said as of now no untoward incident report as roving police officers continues to be in common sight within the public and private cemeteries in the Metro Manila.

Molitas said thousands of uniformed cops had been deployed to patrol 98 cemeteries in Metro Manila.

She added among the measures for Oplan Kaluluwa were 290 Police Assistance Desks/Centers (PADs/Cs) deployed in convergence points.

These are to be implemented in areas like bus terminals, airports, seaports, train stations, recreational areas including highways, main thoroughfares and crime-prone areas.

She added that authorities are strict and will confiscate items that are not allowed inside the cemeteries.

So far they already confiscated 278 bladed weapon; 178 flammable materials; 14 liquors and eight gardening tools, she noted.

Earlier, the NCRPO official remind all those who are leaving for the provinces to lock their houses properly and to check every door and window to avoid possible intruders when they leave and also to check and unplug their appliances, gas stoves to ensure that no cause of fire incident.

Meanwhile, the PNP established a total of 4,863 Assistance Hubs nationwide manned by 31,687 PNP Personnel tasked to ensure the peaceful and orderly observance of All Saints’ and Soul’s Day 2015.

All Saints and All Souls Day is a major holiday among Filipino who families often used this occasion to conduct mini-reunions and parties to renew the bond among estranged relatives who only see each other once or even none at all. Christopher Lloyd T. Caliwan & Priam F. Nepomuceno/PNA