DOST invites industries to adopt cacao processing technology

MANILA —  The Department of Science and Technology – Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) is inviting industries and entrepreneurs to adopt the cacao and tablea processing technology it has developed. Speaking at a forum held in Alabang, Muntinlupa on Friday, ITDI Food Processing Division supervisor, Ma. Dolor Villasenor, said the problem in Philippine tablea is that … Read More

Scientists discover ‘smarter’ way to produce energy from sun

SYDNEY — A team led by scientists at Australia’s Curtin University have created a much cheaper and environmentally friendly way of turning solar energy into clean fuels like hydrogen. In a paper published on Tuesday, researchers described how they developed tiny nanocrystals as highly efficient catalysts to generate solar energy for the production of clean fuels. … Read More

California firm launches driverless grocery delivery

SAN FRANCISCO — A California-based autonomous driving startup Nuro said it has begun pilot driverless grocery delivery service in the state of Arizona in partnership with Kroger, the largest US operator of traditional supermarkets. “Grocery delivery with Nuro self-driving vehicles starts today! Our pilot with @kroger in Scottsdale, AZ is now accepting orders,” Nuro tweeted. Nuro … Read More

Discovery may lead to faster-charging, longer-lasting batteries

WASHINGTON — Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have observed an unexpected phenomenon in lithium-ion batteries, the most common type of battery used to power cell phones and electric cars, creating possibilities to develop batteries that “charge faster and last longer.” The discovery, published in the newly released journal Science Advances, shows … Read More

Broadband infra project launched to improve Internet speed

MANILA — The government is expected to have the capability to become the third major player in the local telco industry once its newly launched broadband infrastructure, which would help improve Internet speed and accessibility in the country, becomes operational by 2019. The project, dubbed Strategic Engagement and Collaboration to Undertake a Reliable and Efficient Government Internet … Read More

Region 8 students off to World Robot Olympiad

TACLOBAN CITY– The Philippine Science High School Eastern Visayas (PSHS-EV) campus is upbeat of garnering achievements in the upcoming World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in Costa Rica on November 10-12. PSHS-EV campus director Reynaldo Garnace said on Tuesday that a team of student has made preparations to represent the country in the WRO. WRO brings together young people … Read More

Scientists make breakthrough in replacing Wi-Fi with Li-Fi

CHANGCHUN — Chinese scientists have made a breakthrough in creating full-color emissive carbon dots (F-CDs), which brings them one step closer to developing a faster wireless communication channel that could be available in just six years. Light Fidelity, known as Li-Fi, uses visible light from LED bulbs to transfer data much faster than radio wave-based Wi-Fi. … Read More