India building collapse death toll rises to 17

NEW DELHI — The death toll in a building collapse in India’s Maharashtra state has risen to 17, while 11 others were rescued in injured condition from the rubbles, officials said Wednesday. The 40-year-old four-story building collapsed on Tuesday in Ghatkopar, an eastern suburb of Mumbai, India’s financial capital. “We pulled out 17 bodies and … Read More

Study finds drinking could help improve memory

MOSCOW — While many drink to forget their troubles, new evidence says your afternoon bev is actually helping you to better remember all that stuff that drove you to drink in the first place. Researchers gave study participants, a group of 88 social drinkers, a word-learning task. One group was allowed to imbibe up to … Read More

9 dead, 1 missing in Arizona flash floods

LOS ANGELES — Nine people were killed in the weekend’s flash flooding in the western US state of Arizona, local media reported Monday. The victims were of three generations from an extended family in celebrating on Saturday the birthday of a female member at the Cold Springs swimming hole, north of the town of Payson. … Read More

Death toll rises to 34 in rain-hit southwestern Japan

TOKYO — Death toll from flooding and mudslides in Fukuoka and Oita prefectures has risen to 34, while seven people were still missing following the torrential rain that began to pummel southwestern Japan on July 5. Two more bodies discovered in the Ariake Sea, tens of kilometers from the disaster-hit areas, were identified on Monday … Read More

Mysterious disease kills 9 children in Bangladesh

DHAKA — At least nine children from an ethnic minority community have died of a mysterious disease in Bangladesh with doctors struggling to diagnose the cause of the deaths. Forty-six others were being treated at a specialized hospital in southeastern Bangladesh. All the children, who have died in four days, belong to the Tripura tribe. … Read More

Drinking coffee could lead to longer life: studies

  WASHINGTON — People who drink coffee appear to live longer, two new studies published in the US journal Annals of Internal Medicine said Monday, providing further confirmation on the health benefits of coffee consumption. The first study, conducted in 10 European countries and the largest ever of its kind, found that compared to non-coffee … Read More

Wildfires rage throughout California

LOS ANGELES — An excessive heat hit southern California this weekend, with the high temperature in some areas reaching 107 Fahrenheit degrees (about 42 degrees centigrade). This is also a tough weekend for 2,300 firefighters battling wildfires which have raged in much of the state and whose size exceeds records over past years. The latest … Read More

Death toll rises to 18 in rain-pummeled southwestern Japan

TOKYO — The death toll in rain-pummeled Fukuoka and Oita prefectures in southwestern Japan has risen to 18 on Saturday as rescue operations continued, while some 30 people were still unaccounted for, according to local authorities. Meanwhile, five bodies had been found in coastal area in Saga prefecture, tens of kilometers from the rain-hit areas, … Read More