Study finds drinking could help improve memory

MOSCOW — While many drink to forget their troubles, new evidence says your afternoon bev is actually helping you to better remember all that stuff that drove you to drink in the first place. Researchers gave study participants, a group of 88 social drinkers, a word-learning task. One group was allowed to imbibe up to … Read More

Drinking coffee could lead to longer life: studies

  WASHINGTON — People who drink coffee appear to live longer, two new studies published in the US journal Annals of Internal Medicine said Monday, providing further confirmation on the health benefits of coffee consumption. The first study, conducted in 10 European countries and the largest ever of its kind, found that compared to non-coffee … Read More

Iron levels linked to heart disease risk: study

LONDON — Iron status, the amount of the nutrient in the body, may play an important role in the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD), according to a study released Monday by the Imperial College London. CAD is a type of cardiovascular disease (CVD) where clogged arteries reduce the amount of blood reaching the heart. … Read More

Scientists identify new target for malaria treatment

WASHINGTON — British researchers said Thursday that they had identified a possible new target for the development of novel drugs against mosquito-borne malaria. When malaria parasites invade red blood cells, they form an internal compartment in which they replicate many times before bursting out of the cell and infecting more cells, according to their study … Read More

New research identifies possible new treatment for gonorrhea

SAN FRANCISCO — New research led by the Oregon State University (OSU) has identified a possible new treatment for gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease whose numbers grow by 78 million new cases worldwide each year. Gonorrhea can lead to endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, epididymitis and infertility. If untreated or improperly treated, it is … Read More