Trump condemns “horrific” chemical attack in Syria, signaling changed attitude toward al-Assad

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday condemned the “horrific” chemical attack in Syria, saying it cannot be tolerated. Speaking at a joint news conference in the White House with visiting King Abdullah II of Jordan, Trump blamed Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad for the Tuesday gas attack in northwestern Syria, in which … Read More

Eleven candidates to run for President in France

PARIS — 11 candidates managed to overcome the 500-signature threshold to take part in the presidential elections in France, according to the Constitutional Council’s president. A total of 11 candidates will take part in the French presidential election, the Constitutional Council’s president said on Saturday. “Eleven candidates managed to overcome the 500-signature threshold to take … Read More

Rare-earth monster mine fuels world’s largest island’s dreams of independence

MOSCOW — With the relations between Denmark and peripheral parts of the Danish Realm having gone somewhat sour, Copenhagen hopes to entice independence-seeking Greenlanders with a massive uranium mine. To ensure Greenland’s loyalty, Denmark hopes to seduce separatist islanders with a huge mining project to reciprocal benefit. However, the controversial project may reach the opposite … Read More