Dad wants ‘public display of affection’ banned at Burnham

BAGUIO CITY–A city councilor here has filed a proposed ordinance which seeks to prohibit couples to engage in scandalous “public display of affection” (PDA) at the children’s park in Burnham.

“The ordinance when approved will prohibit kissing, petting, necking and lying down together in a scandalous manner while in public view within the premises of children’s park,” Councilor Joel Alangsab, author of the proposed measure, said on Thursday.

The proposal was approved on first reading during the regular session of the city council on February 18.

Alangsab said the children’s park is a fun-filled area for kids and a favorite family destination in Burnham park. It remains to be the top destination of families for outdoor activities.

“It has been observed that couples from all ages often choose the same area as a dating site and do private and intimate acts which are inappropriate for the children to see,” he said.

Alangsab said the inappropriate acts can harm the welfare and moral of the children.

When approved, he said violators will be get a PHP500, PHP1,000, and PHP2,000 fine for the first, second, and third offense, respectively.

He said personnel from the City Environment and Parks Management Office which has jurisdiction over all public parks in the city will be the ones to implement the proposed measure once approved. PNA –