Prelates alarmed by spread of ‘Satanic rosaries’ in Palawan

Prelates alarmed by spread of ‘Satanic rosaries’ in Palawan


PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Palawan — Local Catholic church leaders and officials here are warning the faithful against the spread of alleged “Satanic rosaries” and other related items.

This came after the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) News published an article on its website quoting Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, who warned Radio Veritas listeners about using the diabolical rosary beads that are being given away by Satanists.

In an interview on Tuesday afternoon, local Catholic priest Fr. Jasper Lahan said that a housewife visited the Immaculate Conception Parish (ICP) in this city, requesting them to destroy and dispose a rosary that she believes was Satanic.

The woman, whom he did not name, went to the ICP Tuesday morning and related that the bizarre-looking prayer beads had been bringing her misfortunes since she found it in her home.

“A lot of parishioners had turned over this kind of rosary to us, telling that it had brought them nothing but hard luck,” Lahan said.

Lahan added that the housewife got alarmed by the alleged Satanic rosary after watching it being featured on television.

“It’s not really her rosary. She said it was left in her house, and it’s been there for a long time. When she was cleaning, she saw it and remembered the news on tv about it,” said Lahan, who is a priest in the ICP.

As soon as the cursed rosaries are turned over to them, Lahan said, they immediately destroy them to prevent triggering evil possessions.

They said among the bad experiences of those who obtained the rosaries include acquiring disease that could not be diagnosed.

“What they mentioned was contracting illnesses that they could not understand and really just strings of bad luck,” he stated.

The rosary is described to be usually made of plastic, has strange symbols that are not immediately visible to the naked eye, like snakes binding around the cross, five-pointed star called pentagram, and sunrays.

These emblems, according to Lahan, are emblems of the secret society Illuminati. The demonic rosaries are reportedly even sold on sidewalks for PHP20 each.

“I remember I’ve seen it three years ago. It means they’ve been circulating for a long time,” he said. Celeste Anna Formoso/