BOC suspends use of ‘green lane’ for shipments

MANILA — The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has temporarily stopped the use of the ‘green lane’ in classifying shipments that are entering the country’s ports until a review on the system has been completed.

“When I assumed as BOC Commissioner, I have instructed that the green lane will not be used or will have to go thru the yellow lane and the red lane until such time that we will be able to perfect the system of this red, yellow and green lane,” said Customs chief Isidro Lapeña in an interview.

Lapeña said they will continue the use of the green lane as soon as the necessary revisions in the way it is used are put in place.

“Days lang (sarado ang green lane), iaayos lang ‘yung program, meron naman criteria, meron naman program, mukhang baka hindi namin na-implement na mabuti. That’s why I want to look into it, once that is okay we can resume (The green lane will be closed for a couple of days only. The program needs to be fixed. There is a criteria. It seems that the regulations on its use were overlooked that is why I want to look into it. Once it is okay, we can resume),” he said.

Shipments classified under the “super green” lane are those from multinational companies with a track record of honest business while those under the “green lane” do not need to undergo further investigation, X-ray, or physical inspection provided that it has complete and accurate documents.

On the other hand, cargoes under the “yellow lane” will undergo document verification while those in the “red lane” will be subject to mandatory X-ray and inspection.

Earlier reports revealed that the 604 kilos of shabu worth PHP6.4 billion which were seized in Valenzuela City passed through the BOC’s green lane.