Group junks multi-level car park in Burnham Park

BAGUIO CITY — The Baguio We Want (BWW), a group of concerned Baguio leaders and citizens from different sectors, expressed its opposition to the construction of a podium car park at Burnham Park.

In an interview, BWW chair Raymundo D. Rovillos said the proposal to construct a podium car park is a symptom of a larger issue — the quality of governance that is right now being administered in the city.

“We hope that concerned officials will be enlightened with the soundness of the cause that BWW is espousing in the said petition,” Rovillos said.

He said it will not only shrink green spaces in the city but will also cause adverse consequences to the heritage, culture, health, and well-being of the people.

BWW recently published a petition opposing the planned construction of a multi-storey car park within the Burnham Park complex, alleging that it poses a continuing threat to the shrinking green spaces in the city and will also cause adverse consequences to the heritage, culture, health, and well-being of the people.

The said petition has gained a significant following and has so far gathered 9,003 supporters.

“Inasmuch as it is the 108th anniversary of Baguio City, and in line with its theme ‘Land of Champions,’ we would like to share our insights and perspectives towards a better Baguio, believing that all of us, in our own right, champion the cause for Baguio,” Rovillos said.

BWW maintains that more than a tourist spot, Baguio is an educational center, an economic zone, and a home to hundreds of thousands of permanent residents.

“The rationalization of social problems, like traffic, must take into account the effect on the city’s citizenry, aside from the interests of visitors. The situation of commuters, who rely on public transport for daily conveyance, as well as the problem of efficiency and reliability of public transport, should also be addressed,” Rovillos said.

He added that all must have the mindset to go the distance if a truly meaningful and responsive solution to Baguio’s myriad of problems and concerns are realized, otherwise, the city will face the likelihood of urban decay in the near future.

“Let us do our share in saving Baguio from total decay and starvation by planning well, implementing good ordinances and laws, and electing leaders who are accountable and truly responsible, and truly loves Baguio City”, Rovillos said. Merriam  del Rosario/PNA-nor.comthboundasia