VP urges Baguio grads to be selfless, helpful

VP urges Baguio grads to be selfless, helpful


BAGUIO CITY — Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo on Thursday morning urged the graduates of the University of the Cordilleras here to hone their skills but to never forget their fellowmen who are in need.

“I know that your being here, you have plans for the future, some will become teachers, doctors, public servants and CEOs of your own companies, I hope that when that time comes, you will choose to go where you are most needed. The journey will be tough and hard at times, do not be discouraged, take the leap of faith. Manalig lang at magtiwala,” said Robredo, who was the guest speaker at the graduation rites.

The Vice President reminded graduates of their obligation to do their share in making the country a good place for everyone.

“Find your paths but always be reminded of the poor and the powerless who are most in need” as the future of the country is a job that rests on every Filipino’s shoulders, she told them. “There is so much you can do if we can get everyone on board.”

In making a decision on what path to take after graduation, Robredo said, “genuine service demands that we always come from place of understanding and empathy. Empathy is voice to the weak and powerless. Empathy teaches us to listen and not to impose ourselves on others. Empathy translates into empowerment in which people will realize their full potential. As you enter this stage in your life, may you find anger with empathy, hate with compassion and hopelessness with action. Stay true to your word and reveal the life inside you.”

She said Filipinos find strength from challenges and trials but it does not stop them from acting and moving forward to become better people. “We all know the operations in Marawi continue to tear apart the communities and instill anxiety to our people. But even the horrors of war cannot dampen the Filipino spirit, the symbol of everyday acts of heroism among soldiers, volunteers and locals prove the trials and adversities only make us stronger.”

Robredo also told the graduates about signs that will come their way, which should be studied and contemplated on with the consideration that there are people who need help.

“Believe in symbols of hope especially for the last, the least and the lost. Turn your ideas into tangible solutions. Create beautiful disruptions. The future of our nation rests in your hands. We are counting on you,” the Vice President added. PNA-northboundasia.com