High tide, rains trigger floods in some Dagupan areas

DAGUPAN CITY — Some low-lying areas here, including the city hall grounds, have been flooded following the rise of water in two major rivers, which was apparently triggered by heavy rains and high tide.

Affected areas are Fernandez, Galvan, Rizal, and Careenan Streets, the western portion of A.B. Fernandez Avenue and the city hall.

Because of the flood, several stores along the A.B. Fernandez Avenue opted not to open Tuesday.

Mayor Belen Fernandez said the heavy rains and the rise of the tide resulted in the swelling of Pantal and Calmay Rivers — with water reaching 1.9 meters at 11:07 am Tuesday.

The tidal water back-flowed into the drainage canals that resulted in flooding.

Floodings due to the rise of water from the two rivers are a daily occurrence in Dagupan City during rainy season, causing inconvenience to local residents, students, traders and office workers.

Fernandez and City Engineer Virginia Rosario conducted an inspection throughout the city early Tuesday morning and noted flooding in low-lying areas.

The mayor vowed to set aside funds to remedy the problem. She plans to elevate some low-lying roads, she said.

She recognized that floods are severely affecting the public.

The mayor also noted that the newly-built dikes along the Pantal River have solved the flooding in the villages of Lasip Chico, Lasip Grande, Pogo Grande and Malued. PNA-northboundasia.com