Ilocos dragon fruit farm offers free picking, tasting on August 12-13

Ilocos dragon fruit farm offers free picking, tasting on August 12-13


LAOAG CITY, Aug. 11 — Celebrating a bountiful harvest this season, the pioneering and largest dragon fruit farm in the country invites all farm enthusiasts and visitors to experience dragon fruit picking and taste-all-you-can on its dragon fruit varieties on August 12-13.

Located in Barangay Paayas village, Burgos, Ilocos Norte, REFMAD farms owned by a multi-awarded farmer-scientist and female innovation leader Edita Dacuycuy offers a unique farm experience, away from the hassle city lifestyle.

“This is part of our thanksgiving for all the blessings we reaped. So, we are inviting everyone to come and join us as we offer free picking and tasting of all the varieties that we have,” said Mrs. Dacuycuy on Friday.

The annual picking event is held during the peak harvest month of the year. This year, it is in the month of August.

Tourists enjoy dragon fruit picking and tasting at REFMAD Farms, Burgos, Ilocos Norte

The farm will offer free tasting of dragon fruit varieties like Thai white, Vietnam white, Moroccan, Red China and Ilocos Saniata, a local variety named by the association of dragon fruit growers in the province.

From a pocket size backyard garden where Dacuycuy planted a few cuttings of dragon fruit plant in 2005, the REFMAD Farms has grown into a huge dragon fruit plantation and processing center where other plant hobbyists and farm entrepreneurs draw inspiration from.

Now, Dacuycuy seems unstoppable in promoting dragon fruit cultivation technology, featuring a zero-waste management system.

With the assistance of various government research institutions and agencies including local governments, REFMAD Farms is among the well-established farms in the country, making Ilocos Norte the “dragon fruit capital of the Philippines.”

Credit goes to the 71-year old-widow and mother of a person with cerebral palsy, who pioneered the cultivation of dragon fruit in her backyard over a decade ago and spread her passion to other farmers.

REFMAD Farms is also equipped with a swimming pool, cabanas and refreshment area offering different products with dragon fruit such as ice cream, jam, wine, vinegar, tea, cookies, pastries and bars of soap.