Dagupan enacts revised comprehensive ordinance after 14 years

DAGUPAN CITY — After 14 years, the city council here finally enacted a Revised Amended Comprehensive and Mandatory Traffic Code of Dagupan in a bid to untangle the daily traffic mess that has developed over the years due to big influx of vehicles now plying in all its thoroughfares.

The new ordinance amending some provisions of City Ordinance No. 1748-2002 was proposed jointly by Councilors Alvin Coquia, chair of the committee on transportation; and Jose Netu Tamayo, chair of the committees on laws and ordinances as well as peace and order after a series of public hearings with the affected sector and the commuting public as well as businessmen.

The new ordinance incorporated the results of the traffic experiment conducted earlier by the Public Order and Safety Office (POSO) and the concerns aired during the public hearings by the affected sectors.

One of the more salient provisions of the amended ordinance is the designation of new pedestrian lanes and the phasing out of some that are near others and their relocation to other areas where they are most needed.

The newly designated pedestrian lanes along A.B. Fernandez Avenue are: in front of the former Cafe Du Marc, before Nable Street, after the corner of Rizal Street, before the corner of Jollibee (downtown), before the corner of Bonifacio Street and in front of the Bonifacio Monument.

On Arellano Street, the pedestrian lanes are in front of University of Pangasinan and in front of Region 1 Medical Center. No pedestrian lane was designated in front of Colegio de Dagupan and Nepo Mall where there is an existing pedestrian overpass.

All the other previously designated pedestrian lanes shall be maintained.

On the other hand, the loading and unloading station shall be transferred near the waiting shed located at the corner (southern portion) of the intersection of Herrero Street and Perez Boulevard.

Vehicles may load and unload in front of Region 1 Medical Center and along A.B. Fernandez Avenue but are not allowed to wait for passengers.

The revised comprehensive traffic code also took note of the efforts of Mayor Belen Fernandez to install stop and pedestrian lights in eight strategic areas of Dagupan.

Two of these were already installed at the corner of A.B. Fernandez Avenue, M. H. del Pilar Street and Arellano Street, and the corner of Perez Boulevard, M-H. Del Pilar and Mayombo road.

Under the revised ordinance, all kinds of tri-bikes are banned along main city roads, like in Mayombo, Caranglaan, A.B. Fernandez Avenue, Arellano Street to Bonuan Binloc, A.B. Fernandez East to Bolosan, Perez Boulevard to Lucao District, Guilig Street to Malued., A.B. Fernandez West, Pantal;-Lucao Highway, Calasiao-Lucao De Venecia Highway (Dagupan City area), Rizal Street and M.H. Del Pilar Street.

The tri-bikes, said POSO chief Carlito Ocampo, areslow-moving and could spawn snail-pace traffic if they travel along the main thoroughfares.

These three-wheeled pedal-powered vehicles will be limited in small interior roads and side roads in the various villages.

At the same time, all types of tricycles, whether public or private, are prohibited from passing through A.B. Fernandez Avenue from the corner of Rizal to City Plaza which POSO chief Ocampo said could greatly lessen the traffic bottleneck along the central business district in the city.

Tricycles violating this provision will be fined P500 and seminar for the first offense; P1,500 and seminar for the second offense; and P3,000 and seminar for the third offense.

Fines were also set for owners of vehicles violating left-turn, u-turn and public utility vehicles overloading their passengers as well as those traveling with defective headlights/tail lights and brake lights and other violations. PNA-northboundasia.com