Baguio CEPMO personnel apologize for cutting Agoho trees without permit

BAGUIO CITY — Personnel of the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) have apologized for cutting trees at Malcolm Square (People’s Park) here without the necessary permit.

In separate replies to the memorandum of City Mayor Mauricio Domogan, Public Services Officer IV Jones Gas-ib, Public Services Officer III Arturo Killip Jr. and Environmental Management Specialist II Walter Aguirre apologized for their action as they explained that two of the trees might no longer be able to carry the weight of its crown as the roots already lose from the soil it was standing and another tree was infected by “center rot”.

The CEPMO personnel, in their report, also stated that the two Agoho trees might collapse if another “windy and rainy” typhoon hit the city.

Considering the planned date of the park’s opening, the CEPMO personnel said they decided to proceed with the “trimming” even without the necessary permit.

The CEPMO personnel likewise assured that the said lapse on their decision will not happen again.

Meanwhile, Domogan said remedial measures were suggested which will involve the planting of Norfolk Pine and Pink Shower trees in the park.

Domogan said CEPMO should plant the replacement trees as soon as possible to be able to determine if those will survive and eventually replace the Agoho trees. Jojo Lamaria/