Pres. Duterte reiterates his promise to protect the ‘men in uniform’

Pres. Duterte reiterates his promise to protect the ‘men in uniform’

CAMP ALAGAR, Cagayan De Oro City – President Rodrigo Duterte renewed his vow to protect the “men in uniform” who carried out lawful orders during a brief talk with the police personnel here Thursday afternoon.

“I will not allow any police personnel to be imprisoned for as long as the policeman was doing his job in the enforcement of the law,” Duterte said after closed-door conference with the regional police officials here.

“The human rights groups accused me of extra judicial killings when I did not order anyone to kill the criminals without cause,” Duterte said.

He reiterated his orders that when arresting a criminal or suspect the law enforcer should follow the following rules: Introduce yourself as a law enforcer, present the warrant of arrest, asks for a peaceful surrender, and remind the suspect that he would if he would resist violently.

“When I was the city mayor of Davao, I told the police to go after the criminals to introduce their lawful intention, beg the criminal to surrender, or die in case of violent resistance,” Duterte said.

He said that he would order the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) write to the European Union (EU) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) to come to the Philippines and investigate me.

“I will allow them to investigate me on the basis of fairness in accordance with the time honored principle of the right to be heard,” Duterte said.

He said he would want the rapporteurs from the EU and the ICC to show, a law that prohibits the President from threatening the criminals.

“That I am a killer and they want me imprisoned? These people are ignorant because they don’t know the real condition [in the country],” Duterte said

“Ka bugok ninyo (you’re all cretins) referring to the rapporteurs. The rapporteurs simply babbled without knowing the real situation. That is why I want them to send the brightest to investigate me,” Duterte sarcastically said.

The President said that he would provide each policeman a new service sidearm – the new generation Glock 30, a pistol with a .45 caliber bullet.

The new sidearm is intended to fight the terrorist and illegal drug syndicate.

On the sideline, the President jokingly said he doesn’t want the police and the military to fight over a bottle wine when lasting peace finally come.

Duterte arrived at the Laguindingan airport in Misamis Oriental about 1:45 Thursday afternoon on a presidential plane before boarding a helicopter to lead the ceremonial switch-on of the 402 megawatt coal fired power plant in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental.

From Villanueva, the Chief Executive flew again on board a helicopter and arrived in Cagayan De Oro City about 3:30 p.m. where held a command conference with the regional police officials and confer awards to police personnel for exemplary accomplishment in the fight against illegal drugs in the region.

Duterte hurriedly left the police regional command camp about 5:45 p.m. to visit a policeman who was disabled during an encounter with the drug suspects in Opol, Misamis Oriental two months ago.

From the hospital, the President would fly to Davao City to meet Luis Jalandoni, one of the representatives of the National Democratic Front NDF). Cris Diaz/PNA/