Celebrating Eid al Adha, strengthening family and friendly ties

Celebrating Eid al Adha, strengthening family and friendly ties

MANILA — The scorching heat of the sun meant nothing to the thousands of Filipino Muslims who gathered at the Quezon Memorial Circle on Monday morning to celebrate Eid al Adha or the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice.

Muslim men wearing the taqiyah (round skullcaps) and women in their patterned hijab (veil) came from different parts of Metro Manila and converged at the Circle’s Liwasang Aurora to pray together as one big family.

Sheik Al-Sheidick led the khutbah, a sermon reminding his brothers and sisters of their Islamic principles and values.

Eid al Adha celebrates Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to Allah. An angel however appeared and gave him a ram to sacrifice instead.

Around the world, Muslims celebrate the three-day feast by saying prayers at the mosque and by slaughtering cattle, goat, sheep or even camel as sacrifice.

In the Philippines, the Quezon City Muslim Consultative Council gathers Muslim families during the feast every year to pray and strengthen their faith together.

Muslims also take this holiday as an opportunity to bond and reunite with their families.

As the religious ceremony ended, the warmth of the sun was nothing compared to the warmth shared by families and friends, shaking hands, kissing each other’s cheeks and exchanging hugs. Clariza Jocel Raquiño and Ma. Katrina Hallare/OJT/PNA/northboundasia.com