Mom in Drug List killed in the presence of her kids

CAPAS, TARLAC– A young mother, her two young sons sitting beside her inside a passenger jeepney bound for her hometown in Bamban was shot in the head twice and died on the spot.

The incident happened in front of the Death March monument along McArthur Highway in Barangay Cut-cut 1st in front of the gate of Capas Municipal Hall.

Roberto David, driver of the jeepney plying the Tarlac-Bamban route, on which the victim was riding, told Northbound Philippines News Online that he stopped at said place when one of the passengers got off, leaving behind the mother and her sons, aged 5 and 3. They were sitting at the entrance of the vehicle.

Some residents in the area recognized the dead woman as their relative and notified her live-in partner. When the man arrived, he identified the victim as Pilipina Bautista y Torres, 29, a resident of Sitio Malonzo, Dap-dap Resettlement, Bamban, Tarlac.

However, he disclosed that he and the woman had parted ways for more than a year ago, and requested that his name be withheld.

When the Capas Police arrived in the scene they readily secured the two young boys.

Some residents found a slug lying in the pavement a meter away from the jeepney. The slug believed to be from a .45 cal., Then another slug in the passenger seat of the jeepney near the sitting dead victim.

Police Chief Inspector Jovy Arceo, Chief of Police of Bamban said she recognized the victim when they raided a pot session in Sitio Malonzo.

“I let her go for the sake of her two young children. But, a few months after my WCPD arrested her for a violation of RA7610. Her live-in partner complained to the police that Bautista was maltreating her sons. We locked her up but my policemen where complaining that she was always naked while inside her detention cell,” Arceo narrated.

She further said few months after she was released she appeared again at the Bamban Police Station and filed a compliant against her live-in partner, a retired air force personnel. She complained that the ATM intended for the boys were taken away from her by her live-in partner.

It was learned that the man was depositing money in the bank account of the two boys, but Bautista was using the money to procure the banned methampethamine hydrochloride or shabu.

“I know the case is still being heard at the RTC in Capas,” Arceo said.

Intelligence reports said that Bautista have moved to Capas, but she still in the watch list of drug personalities of Bamban.

“Our theory is that she might have been killed by her own group in order to silence her,” an Iintelligence officer said.

The Capas Police are still looking for possible angle in the killing of Bautista. In Tarlac Province, according to Senior Supt. Westrimundo D. Obinque, Director of the Provincial Police Office, there were 16 persons related to drugs killed in the province since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office. Homer Teodoro/