DOST director urges scientists to promote inclusive development

MANILA — Department of Science and Technology Region VII (DOST VII) Director Edilberto Paradela has urged scientists in the Visayas to do researches that promote inclusive development.

He said that by doing so, it will fulfill the scientists’ moral and social duties to help alleviate the living condition of grass root communities.

”While the country’s economy has improved tremendously, the grassroots have not enjoyed the benefits of economic growth,” he explained.

Paradela also emphasized that while the Philippines has posted an unprecedented average economic growth rate that made it one of the best performing economies, many have remained poor.

“In spite of the country’s economic feat, a considerable segment of the population is unable to enjoy the fruits of economic gains,” Paradela noted.

He said, “Apparently, the bulk of the country’s new wealth created by economic boom has failed to trickle down to the grassroots level of society, thereby creating a much wider divide between the rich and the poor.”

The regional director cited that “the disparity in the distribution of the nation’s wealth requires urgent appropriate action on those who have the abilities to bring social justice to the impoverished sectors of our society.”

Meanwhile, Paradela also highlighted the need for the members of the scientific community to support the government by doing their parts in addressing this pressing need for inclusive growth and development in the country through innovative research.

”It is the social and moral duty of those who have the gift of science to commit their intellectual gifts to the betterment of the world, and most especially of those who have less in life,” he reiterated.

“With your crucial participation, we in the government would be able to work more effectively in achieving our common goals of uplifting the lives of the grass root communities,” Paradela added. Ma. Cristina Arayata/PNA/