Public wifi boosts competitiveness of residents in Ilocos town

PIDDIG, Ilocos Norte — Visitors, students and business owners now have access to free wireless Internet access throughout this town’s commercial district and public park.

Powered by Globe, this historic town of Piddig is among the first local government units in Ilocos Norte to have its own dedicated server that offers greater connectivity among residents here and abroad.

For a month now, people converge at the Piddig public plaza to have access of the free wifi as they connect with family and friends through social media, participate in live-streamed events, do research work and other creative uses.

From two Megabits Per Second (Mbps), the Piddig government plans to upgrade it to at least five Mbps to allow more users and expand its coverage area from the Piddig National High School all throughout its nearby elementary school.

Employees at the Piddig municipal hall which also underwent a major facelift during the administration of outgoing mayor Eduardo Guillen can also access the public wifi. To centralize the operation, the local government unit also plans to consolidate its wireless services in every department to cut cost on communication and internet expense.

Residents lauded this initiative of the Piddig government citing this made them closer to families abroad, increased their competitiveness and gave them better opportunities to explore the world with a smart device. PNA/